When you design a product with Velocio Industrial Equipment, you expect a long product lifetime.  We improve product lines over time.  When we give a product legacy statue, we will continue to offer them as long as our customers need them.  Confidently build your design using Velocio components.  We’ll make sure they are available when you need them!

Terminal Boards
pluggable connector
Ace PLCs come with small, high quality spring-cage capture connectors.
They’re made for 20-26 AWG wire.
These connectors along with built in protected inputs and transistor outputs work great
for many cases, but sometime you need something more. We’ve got you covered.
Terminal Boards
Larger Screw-Type
Using a Cable we’ll provide you, wire these Terminal boards to Ace or Branch’s IO ports.
All Terminal Boards have a built in mount for 15mm DIN Rail or #8 Bolts.
All Terminal Boards connect to IO with screw-type terminals (30-16 AWG stranded or solid wire.)
Data Sheets:



This product line was replaced by our 35mm Din Rial Terminal Line.  The new terminal boards fit the more common 35mm DIN rail.  Most of the new terminals feature indicating IO status.  New terminals also come with pre-wired cable (the legacy terminals require wiring to terminal plug).

Prefer a Larger, Screw-Type Terminal?

Termination - Screw Type

Need relay outputs? (these require a 5V power supply, not included)
Relay5A- Relay (5 Amp)

Need opto-coupled inputs?
Opt24 - Opto-Coupled (24 volt AC or DC)

Opt120 - Opto-Coupled (120 volt AC)