This page details some of the more important feature changes in vBuilder.

Last updated Mar 22 2017.
v2.27, 2.28 – Made a couple more ladder-logic solve engine enhancements.
v2.26 – Made fixes to ladder-logic solve engine. Engine previously incorrectly optimized out some logic.
v2.25 – Added feature to write program to a file and program the PLC from a file. This is helpful in situations when you want to provide a user code to program with, but you don’t want them to be able to see or edit the code. These tools can be found under the top toolbar under “Tools”. They are the “Program To File” and “Program From File” options.
v2.24 – Paired with firmware version 3.15, this feature expands the number of high speed pulse/quadrature inputs from 1 to 3 per PLC.