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Powerful, Pocket-Sized PLCs
Lots of IO, where you need it
Branch PLC
Branch Out
Lots of IO
Distributed Processing
Branch Out
Lots of IO
Awesome PLC Software
(and it's free)
2.5" x 2.5" x 0.5"
World's Smallest PLC
Starting at $59
Lowest cost PLC anywhere
Gets IO where it's needed
Connect up to 15 units
(up to 450 IO points)
IO with full PLC power
Embed Subroutines in them
All the benefits of Ace plus...
Introducing Ace
Introducing Ace
Fits most anywhere
Fits most anywhere
Tailored to your needs
IO Options
12 IO points
24 IO points
36 IO points
Ace 2 port
Ace 4 port
Ace 6 port
Analog Input Options
0-10 Volts
0-20 mAmps
0-5 Volts
Analog 0-5V
Analog 0-10V
Analog 0-20mA
Termination Options
Spring Type
Larger Screw-Type
Mounting Options
DIN Rail
Bolt Mount
Super Strong
Adhesive Mount
Rail Mount
Bolt Mount
Made for Motion
Every Ace and Branch PLC includes:
Stepping Motor Pulsed Output
up to 100kHz
High Speed Counter for Pulse or
Quadrature inputs up to 100 kHz
Servo Control / LED Intensity Control
Every digital output can produce it’s own
Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) signal
Software Motion
As well as software Counters, Ramps and PIDs
vBuilder Box
Programmed with
Software you'll enjoy using :)
vBuilder Program
Graphically program in Flow Charts and/or Ladder Logic to rapidly create custom applications.
We simplified the instruction set. Our function set is comprehensive, easy to use and powerful.
No hunting for features. vBuilder’s layout keeps the tools and information you need in plain view.
Warnings and Errors are presented in real time so there are no surprises at build.
Tag based PLCs are easier to use than address based ones, but typically cost hundreds of dollars.
Our entire line, starting at $59, is Tag based.
Innovative Features
We’ve developed some great features to help you get things done quicker and more reliably.
Break projects up into manageable chunks, and allow program reuse.
Isolate data and create logic components to greatly improve development efficiency,
maintainability and reliability.
Linked Subroutines:
Specify that multiple subroutines should use the same Objects. Maybe you’ve
got an initialization routine you’d like in one subroutine, and a process you want in another.
They can share an object, so you don’t have to pass data between the two.
vFactory Box
View your data and create operator controls with
Awesome, Free HMI
vFactory Project
We’re serious about delivering the easiest to use, most productive PLC software.
We could go on about our features, but seeing is believing, so Check out our vBuilder page,
vFactory page or Download vBuilder and vFactory. They're
Meet Branch
Expansion has a vLink input port instead of USB.
Expansions are otherwise physically identical to Branch Main.
Your Sensors and Actuators are Branched Out,
Your PLC Should Branch With Them!
branch tree
branch example
Branch's unique structure beats backplane and brick systems
at getting IO where it’s need, helping you run shorter wires and keep an organized system
branch closer look
Smarter IO
Expansion units have full PLC processing power and memory.
branch software
vBuilder’s power shines with Branch
Put subroutines inside of IO units to focus processing where it’s most needed.
Debug your entire Branch system as a unit. No need to debug one processor at a time.
Lets you view real-time data for your entire system.
Easy to Learn
Limited Time Offer
Free Shipping
Money Back Guarantee
PLC programming should be fun!
We’ve got engaging tutorials to get you up to speed on our PLCs, and more are on the way.
Whether you’re new to PLCs, or just new to us, we want your learning experience to be enjoyable.
The tutorials aren’t boring or difficult to follow, we promise.
FREE Connector Tool
For a limited time only, we’re giving away a FREE connector tool with every Order!
Connector Tool
Every order over $48 ships FREE
100% of our PLCs qualify for Free US standard shipping.
We also ship to Canada and Mexico for $19.95.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Shop with confidence, knowing that you are free to return any product for a full 30 days after
purchase and receive a full refund.
Choose your adventure...