We’re just getting started with these.  Please let us know if there are any examples you’d like to see.


Getting Started – Create a very simple program to introduce vBuilder.

State Machines – Introduction to the format we highly recommend you use with your flow charts.

Timer Example – Count up and count down timer.

Rising Edge –  How to do things in flow charts based on a Rising Edge signal (OFF to ON transition)

Real Time Clock – How to set it, read it and compare against it.

Thermocouple Example – How to use it in degrees C or F.

Debounce Example – Eliminate extra ON/OFF transitions that occur when using mechanical buttons and switches.

Subroutine Example – How we recommend structuring your subroutines.

Near Parallel – How to do multiple tasks at almost the same time.

Custom Serial Messages – How to send and receive custom serial messages.

Elevator Example – A small program to control an elevator.

HMI Tutorials

Command HMI Demo Application – Learn how the pre-loaded demo application was created.  Goes over basic components like buttons and numeric entries and graphs.  Also covers more advanced concepts including recipes and macros.

PLC to CommandHMI Communication  – Learn to sends data between your PLC and the HMI.

Command HMI DataLog – simple datalog example

Motion Tutorials

Stepper Motor Control – Moves a stepper motor to several locations using the Motion Out function.

Home Stepper Motor – Example subroutine that homes a stepper motor.

ClearPath Servo Motor Control – Control on of  Teknic’s Brushless DC Servo Motors.

RC Servo Control – Control the angle of a RC servo using a PWM output.

Other Equipment

Laboratory Scale – Control an Adam Equipment Industrial Scale with a PLC.