Low Cost, Full Color, Touchscreen HMIs

Command HMIs are an excellent value.  Use FREE Programming Software.  They are Full Color Touchscreens. They feature a battery backed-up real time clock, retentive memory and low power consumption.  Command HMIs work with any Ace or Branch PLC with a built in RS232 port.

Find your Command HMI

HM-043AE - 4.3" Command HMI

HM-070BE - 7.0" Command HMI

HM-070MW - 7.0" Command HMI (With Ethernet)

HM-102BS - 10" Command HMI (With Ethernet)

New 15.6″ HMI with Ethernet Available!
HM-156QS - 15.6" Command HMI (With Ethernet)

HMI Accessories

CBL-CMD1: HMI Programming Cable - For Command HMIs

CBL-SC1: Serial Cable - Ace or Branch with RS232 to Command HMI

PS-24-01: 24V Power Supply - US Style Wall Plug style

1) Easy to Use Free Software



Click to download Free HMITool Software.




2) Large, Easy to Use Keypad

No tool needed to adjust values.  Keys are large and easy to press, so only your fingers are needed to set your values.

3) Let Your Brand Shine

Maybe you are an OEM machine maker.  You want your brand to shine through, not ours.  We kept all branding off the front of Command HMIs.

4) Loaded with Tools

5) Tutorials to get you started

Check out our tutorial page to see the HMIs in action.

6) Works with any Velocio PLC that has an RS232 port

Combine the excellent value of our Ace or Branch PLCs with these capable, low priced CommandHMIs.  Velocio PLCs feature high end performance, like the ability to control 3 stepper or servo motors up to 250 KHz.  Ace and Branch are the smallest PLCs on the market, allowing them to fit into just about any project.