Controlling a ClearPath Motor using a PLC

In this example, we’ll be controlling one of Teknic’s ClearPath brushless DC servo motors (Important:  This is for the SK and HP line of ClearPath Motors only).  We like Teknic.  They make great motors and have very helpful support staff.  Learn more about their motors here.

Here is what we’ll end up with:


PLC-to-Motor connections using Teknic’s 8 wire control cable:
  • Tie Blue, Green, White and Black to the same +5V used to power the PLC.
  • Yellow is Step
  • Brown is Direction
  • Orange is Enable
  • Red is a signal from the motor, telling you when a movement is complete


Files used in this example:

Faster Example

Let’s turn things up a bit:  This example goes 200,000 steps per second for 10 rotations in each direction.

Use the following files for the Faster Example.