Firmware Version 4.03

*** Important:  Must be installed using vBuilder 2.33 or higher

Below is a tutorial showing you how to install a Firmware update.

From time to time we issue Firmware updates to improve your PLC’s performance.

Update Log:
4.01 Fixes DataLog issue when using more than one Log file.
3.15 Enables up to 3 quadrature or high speed pulse inputs
3.12 Enables 115kbps serial communications
3.08 Improves denounce. Speeds up Expansion Discovery
3.07 enables digital input denounce.
3.02 Enables 3 stepper motors.
2.13 Fixes Count Down with I32 values.
2.12 Fixes analog input issue.
2.10 Fixes Modbus Bit issue that occurs when addressing more than 30 Bits.
2.08 Fixes linked subroutines calling other linked subs issue.
2.06 Improves motion transitions.
2.03 Adds RealTime Clock. Fixes Ramp.
2.02 Fixes RS232 Modbus issue. Fixes hard fault from long end function.
2.00 Fixes scale and motion out problem.
1.15 Fixes N and T Type Thermocouple and RS232 problems
1.13 Fixes Step/Direction error. Fixes high voltage input error.
1.12 Software Upgrades for new PLCs
1.11 Fixes error in shift/rotate function that could prevent function’s operation.
1.10 Fixes error that occurs when looping back to first block in flow-chart.
1.09 Adds CRC to MODBUS communication to make it conform to standard. Adds select-able number of pulses to PWM.
1.08 Adds PWM Function for all output pins.  Enables updating coil types after placement.
1.07 Improved timer resolution. Timer resolution is now 1ms, up from 10ms. Also now allow re-enter debugging after re-opening project, as long as opened project is same as currently exists in PLC.
1.06 Fixed Stepper Motion issue. Wasn’t properly re-starting after a stop.
1.05 Fixes Modbus issues.
1.04 Fixes Timer interval duration.
1.03 Fixes Drum’s Loop Count not incrementing.
1.02 Fixes Loop count error when using ladder logic.
1.01 Fixes Error caused when downloading ladder logic rung without a coil.