This page details some of the more important feature changes in vBuilder.

Last updated March 20, 2018.
v2.38 – Added support for Ace 1630, 1802
v2.37 – Added support for Ace 1600
v2.36 – DataLog no longer requires autosetup. Removed unused differential voltage input modes.
v2.35 – Adjusted Ace 1701 placement on Manual Setup to make visible.
v2.34 – Added support for Ace 1700 & 1701 PLCs. Corrected Row/Column delete issue in Flow Charts.
v2.33 – Added support for Branch 1430 and 1450 PLCs.
v2.31 – Corrected USB Comm issue. Corrected DataLog saving when using SaveAs tool.
v2.30 – Added support for Command HMIs. Added support for Ace 1800 and 1801 PLCs.
v2.29 – Added Save As. Added ability to delete rows/columns in flow charts by holding “Ctrl” key and pressing red delete “-” symbol on the row or column.
v2.27, 2.28 – Made a couple more ladder-logic solve engine enhancements.
v2.26 – Made fixes to ladder-logic solve engine. Engine previously incorrectly optimized out some logic.
v2.25 – Added feature to write program to a file and program the PLC from a file. This is helpful in situations when you want to provide a user code to program with, but you don’t want them to be able to see or edit the code. These tools can be found under the top toolbar under “Tools”. They are the “Program To File” and “Program From File” options.
v2.24 – Paired with firmware version 3.15, this feature expands the number of high speed pulse/quadrature inputs from 1 to 3 per PLC.