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2.5" x 2.5" x 0.5"
World's Smallest PLC
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Lowest cost PLC anywhere
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Create operator controls with
Awesome, Free HMI
Rapidly Create Flow Chart and/or Ladder Logic applications.
Our function set is comprehensive, easy to use and powerful.
Warnings and Errors are presented in real time so there are no surprises at build.
Innovative Features
Subroutines: Break projects up into manageable chunks, and allow program reuse.
Objects: Isolate data and create logic components to greatly improve development efficiency, maintainability, reliability and reusability.
Linked Subroutines: Specify that multiple subroutines should use the same Objects. Maybe you’ve got an initialization routine you’d like in one subroutine, and a process you want in another. They can share an object, so you don’t have to pass data between the two.
Simplicity is the name of the game. We want you to get your application up and running ASAP. Plug in your programmed PLC. vFactory will gather your tags, know which are read-only and which are writable. You’re ready to fill pages with graphs, numbers, labels and value adjustment tools from vFactory’s simple, yet powerful set of 12 tools.
We’re serious about delivering the easiest to use, most productive PLC software.
We could go on about our features, but seeing is believing, so Check out our vBuilder and vFactory pages for information, tutorials FREE downloads
Ace in a Pocket
Smallest footprint of any PLC
At 2.5” x 2.5” x 0.5” Ace is the Smallest PLC on the Market.
It’s less than 1/2 the size of the next smallest PLC.

Enables new, smaller projects.
Ace & Branch - Value Champions
comparison of PLCs
Others strip down PLCs to offer them at prices still higher than Ace and Branch.
We give you our very best products at the industry’s lowest prices!
Flavors or Ace
Flavors of Ace
Ace Specs:
Power: 5.1 to 28.0 VDC, 300 mA maximum
Digital Inputs: 3 to 30 VDC
Digital Outputs: 3 to 30 VDC sinking transistor. 300 mA max.
Analog In: 12 bit
Analog Outputs: 12 bit. Software configure for 0-5VDC or 0-10VDC
Thermocouple / Differential Analog Inputs: J, K, N, T Type. Or 16 bit ±0.256V, ±0.512V, ±1.024V, ±2.048V
Ace 11 - 6 digital in, 6 digital out
Ace 1430- 6 D in, 12 D out, 1 RS232/RS485
Ace 1450- 6 D in, 12 D out, 2 Therm, 1 RS232/RS485
Ace 1600 - 3 digital In, 6 digital Out, RS232 port
Ace 1630v5 - 3 D In, 3 D Out, 3 analog in (0-5 volt), RS232
Ace 1630v10 - 3 D In, 3 D Out, 3 analog in (0-10 volt), RS232
Ace 1630c - 3 D In, 3 D Out, 3 analog in (0-20mA), RS232
Ace 1700 - 12 digital In, 24 digital Out
Ace 1701 - 8 digital In, 24 digital Out, RS232 port
Ace 1800 - 18 digital In, 18 digital Out
Ace 1801 - 14 digital In, 18 digital Out, RS232 port
Ace 1802 - 18 digital In, 14 digital Out, RS232 port
Ace 22 - 12 digital in, 12 digital out
Ace 222v5 - 12 digital in, 12 digital out, 12 analog in (0-5 volt)
Ace 222v10 - 12 digital in, 12 digital out, 12 analog in (0-10 volt)
Ace 222c - 12 digital in, 12 digital out, 12 analog in (0-20 mAmp)
Ace 3090v5- 6 D in, 18 D out, 3 A in (0-5V), 4 therm, 1 RS232
Ace 3090v10- 6 D in, 18 D out, 3 A in (0-10V), 4 therm, 1 RS232
Ace 3090c- 6 D in, 18 D out, 3 A in (0-20mA), 4 therm, 1 RS232
Ace 5150v5- 12 D in, 12 D out, 3 A in (0-5V), 1 RS232
Ace 5150v10- 12 D in, 12 D out, 3 A in (0-10V), 1 RS232
Ace 5150c- 12 D in, 12 D out, 3 A in (0-20mAmp), 1 RS232

Ace 7092v5 - 6 D in, 12 D out, 4 A in, 2 A out, 4 therm, 2 RS232

Ace 7092v10 - 6 D in, 12 D out, 4 A in, 2 A out, 4 therm, 2 RS232

Ace 7092c - 6 D in, 12 D out, 4 A in, 2 A out, 4 therm, 2 RS232

Ace 7096v5 - 6 D in, 12 D out, 4 A in, 2 A out, 4 therm, 2 RS232

Ace 7096v10 - 6 D in, 12 D out, 4 A in, 2 A out, 4 therm, 2 RS232

Ace 7096c - 6 D in, 12 D out, 4 A in, 2 A out, 4 therm, 2 RS232


Terminal Boards
pluggable connector
Ace PLCs come with small, high quality spring-cage capture connectors.
They’re made for 20-26 AWG wire.
These connectors along with built in protected inputs and transistor outputs work great
for many cases, but sometime you need something more. We’ve got you covered.
Terminal Boards
Relay, Optocouple and Transistor Terminal Boards feature LEDs indicating IO status.
Using Pre-Wired Cable we’ll provide you, wire these Terminal boards to Ace or Branch’s IO ports.
All Terminal Boards have a built in mount for common 35mm DIN Rail or #8 Bolts.
All Terminal Boards connect to IO with screw-type terminals (30-16 AWG stranded or solid wire.)

Prefer a Larger, Screw-Type Terminal?

TB06-35: Screw Terminal Board.

Need opto-coupled inputs?
TB06CLV-35: Low Voltage Optocouple Terminal Board.

TB06CHV-35: High Voltage Optocouple Terminal Board.

Need relay outputs? (these require a 5V power supply, not included)

TBR06_ISO-35: Isolated Relay Terminal Board
TBR06C-35: Relay Terminal Board (6 Relays, 3 per common)

Need Transistor outputs? 

TBTN06-35L: Optocoupled Sinking Transistor Board

TBTN06-35H: Optocoupled Sourcing Transistor Board

Simulator Sticks
Simulator Stick plugs into any Digital Input port and lets you simulate 6 digital inputs.
Use with any standard (non-embedded) Ace, Branch and Expansion PLCs

Simulator Stick - Digital (6 digital switches)

Power Connector
All Ace and Branch PLCs come with a 2 position connector to attach
to a 5.1 up to 28VDC power supply. Connects to 26-20 gauge wire.
Data Sheets

If you don’t have a power supply, we offer one. It’ll power 1 PLC or Powered Terminal Board.

Wall Plug - 5 volt, 2 Amp (for 1 PLC or powered terminator board)

If you’ve got a 12-24 volt supply and want to power up to 6 PLCs or Powered Terminal Boards, we’ve got a Regulator for that. It connects to a 35mm DIN rail or #8 bolts.
Reg5Vx6-35: Regulator, 8 to 28 volts in, six 5-volt supplies out

We’ve also offer a 12 volt supply to use our Regulator
Wall Plug - 12 volt (an option to power Regulator)

Programming cable
Programming Cable
All Ace and Branch PLCs use a standard USB to Mini-USB cable
for programming (like the one in the picture to the left).
If you’ve already got one, great, it’ll work fine.
Be careful, this isn't the USB to Micro-USB that comes with many cell phones.
If not, be sure to add one to your cart.
vProg6 - 6 Foot Programming Cable
DIN Rail Mount
All Ace and Branch PLCs come standard with a super-strong, 2-sided adhesive strip.
It bonds well with painted metals, plastics and glass. This stuff is used to attach Sky-Scraper windows to their frames. We've been impressed with it's strength.
(Underside of Ace and Branch PLCs)
But, what if I want to attach it to a DIN rail, screws, or bolts? You’re in Luck!
We’ve got a great add-on that helps you attach your PLC to a 35mm Din rail, or #8 screws or bolts.
same thing, just upside down
it's got these 2 hooks
Ace or Branch underside
notice these slots
Ace and Branch have four of the slots shown in the image above, to the right. (two aren’t visible). Twist vMount onto your Ace or Branch to attach. Pick which of the 4 orientations works best for your project.
vMount installed
Once attached to your Ace or Branch, rest the topside on your DIN rail. Then press the bottom side down. It'll snap in place, providing a secure mount.
If you'd prefer to mount using #8 screws or bolts, just place you holes 1" apart.
vMount - DIN Rail / Bolt Mount